Let me give you some downsides to a lifestyle business:

- No time off. No vacations. You work all the time, 24/7. A key rule: the better people you have working for you, the longer vacations you can take.

- No help. You wear all the hats, even the ones that dont fit. You do things you're not good at (bookkeping? sales?) and neglect the things that bring the most value to the company.

- No innovation. You're so busy with your nose to the grindstone, you have no bandwidth to create new things.

- No strategic planning. If it's not billable, you don't have time for it.

- No wealth build up on $10k per month. You're barely scraping by financially. How do you put your kids through school? Buy a house? Can't build up a cushion for tough times, or for growth.

- No equity. Can't build a company that can be sold, so that you can retire, because you are the company.

Startup and lifestyle biz are not the only options. For 30+ years I've been advising small business owners how to grow their business without driving themselves crazy. Maybe I should write an article here how to make that work.


I have 3 identities: 1. Science fiction writer. 2. Small business advisor. My sci fi is a hell of a lot more fun! 3. Lonely politics — not right, not left.

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